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Helpful Links for PTS(D):


This is a useful App created by the VA provides resources for tracking your symptoms, provides easy to use skills for how to handle those symptoms as well as direct links to support and help.



Battle Tap:

BATTLE TAP is an easy-to-learn self-help tool that is designed for armed public service professionals who are experiencing emotional or psychological distress. It’s based on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an emerging intervention that uses acupressure-point tapping, re-exposure, and cognitive scripts to rapidly resolve undesired emotions and memories. https://battletap.org/


Operation Emotional Freedom:

Public awareness and education of alternatives to medications for the treatment of emotional and physical issues and the people and organizations offering these innovations. http://www.operation-emotionalfreedom.com/


Compass Yoga:

http://compassyoga.com/. “My primary interest in teaching yoga is to help students at every level discover their own confidence, strength, courage, and ability to self-heal. I view teaching yoga as a service and it is a great privilege to work with students on their personal goals. Yoga has helped me alleviate my life-long difficulties with insomnia, recovery from several episodes of PTSD, and is largely responsible for my professional success in a variety of fields because it reinforced my inner strength and greatly reduced my stress and anxiety levels.” – Christa Avampato, Founder of Compass Yoga.


PTSD Resources:

Resources, Blogs, & Peer-to-Peer Support Dedicated to Ensuring No Veteran with PTSD Gets Left Behind



OIF/OEF PTSD Treatment Manual:

LCDR (Ret) Cook wrote this manual. This is a very good resource for the veteran who is fearful or mistrustful of going to others for help. This is a great 'self-therapy' book on learning to deal with PTSD. LCDR (Ret) Cook is passionate about helping the community and I commend him for his efforts. The manual will see additional modules in the future, according to Cook. Even if you are in treatment, I would bring this manual and its website to the attention of your docs at the VA or in the civilian world. http://ptsdandcombat.com/


After Deployment:

This website has self-assessments, workshops, and all sorts of information and reference materials. If you are wondering if you have PTSD, this is an excellent place to start your search for answers. This website is also a veritable wealth of information for spouses and loved ones.

This is a MUST VISIT!! http://afterdeployment.org/


Silent Siren:

This organization has one mission: Building strong community collaborations that enhance and expand existing community crisis intervention/supports for military service individuals and their families. I reached out to these folks and discovered that they are also the minds behind one of my favorite blogs on PTSD: The Invisible Wounded http://www.silentsiren.org/



Their mission is to be the most reliable, timely and complete resource on the internet for Closed Head Injury and other debilitating diseases. These injuries can be devastating, causing physical and emotional distress. http://BrainandSpinalCord.org


Give an Hour:

This non-profit organization provides free and confidential mental health services to active troops and veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also generously provide services to the loved ones of those affected by war. www.giveanhour.org


Healing Suicidal Veterans:

Author and trained counselor, Victor Montgomery, provides solid advice and resources for veterans and families suffering from the traumas of war. www.healingsuicidalveterans.com