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Terry Schappert

Terry Schappert is a Green Beret, TV personality  and professional actor...his latest adventure...filming the second season of the popular survival game series  Dude, You're Screwed, (Survive That outside the U.S.). The 8-episode second season kicked off Fall 2014 on Discovery Channel and is now airing in the United Kingdom Spring 2015.


You may also know him as that 'crazy military guy' who jumped head first into shark infested waters for his own one hour special Shark Attack Survival Guide, for Discovery Channel's infamous Shark Week.


And last, in his most well known and favorite project to date, as the fearless host of History Channel’s internationally broadcast series WARRIORS with Terry Schappert.  In the 11-part series, Schappert traveled the globe experiencing the training, rituals and weapons of history’s most iconic warrior cultures.  Warriors still airs on Military History Channel in the U.S. and abroad.


Master Sergeant Schappert is currently leading an A team in the U.S. Army Special Forces.  He is an expert on small arms, demolition, conventional & unconventional military tactics and combat medicine.  Schappert started his military career 21 years ago with the 82nd Airborne Division.  While assigned to a recon squad, he completed Ranger School and after serving in the Persian Gulf War, Schappert moved on to his ultimate challenge, becoming a Green Beret.  


Since graduating the Special Forces Qualification Course, Schappert has been deployed on training and combat missions all over the world, including in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In addition to his military credentials; Terry is a licensed paramedic, scuba certified, speaks several languages, has extensive martial arts training and a degree in anthropology.


When not appearing as a regular guest on FNC's cult favorite Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, he was last seen on TV as part of Outdoor Channel's "adrenaline-fueled reality series" Elite Tactical Unit (ETU), featuring a "fierce competition between active-duty S.W.A.T. officers."  During the 2013 series, Schappert leads one of two teams of elite SWAT operators chosen from around the nation to compete against each other in real-world type missions to see who is the last man standing.  


He has also been spotted fighting off the undead in the film adaptation of Steve Niles' horror comic book Remains on the Chiller Network, as well as his many theatrical enemies while onstage in NYC - playing such roles as Shakespeare's MacBeth and Roshomon's legendary bandit Tajomaru.


Schappert traveled to the Czech Republic in 2013 to film the documentary series CQB (Close Quarter Combat). Schappert takes the viewer through some of the most intense examples of close quarter battle ever experienced on TV, using cutting edge 3-D animation and a firstperson pointofview.  CQB started airing in Europe and Asia late 2012 and is aired on Nat Geo Australia, and in America on Velocity.


He was last seen, this 2015 season, as a guest torturing a.k.a. teaching "Derek," the hapless suburban star of Outdoor Channel's The Reluctant Outdoorsman survival skills - just in case of a doomsday apocolypse.


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